System Update for the European Energy Transition

Gas storage plays a decisive role in a carbon-neutral energy supply. The Power-to-Gas technology allows electricity from renewable sources to be converted into green gases and then be stored in gas storage facilities for longer periods of time. Thus, gas storage provides a means for renewable energies to be available at all times – on short notice and as flexibly as necessary.

Renewable Gases: Making the Energy Transition a Success

Renewable gases are a necessary requirement for the energy transition. But they depend on the right political framework.

Enervis Study finds: Energy Transition Needs Green Gases

An Enervis study on renewable gases outlines the way towards a carbon-neutral energy system in 2050.

Video: Green Energy Supply with Power-to-Gas and Gas Storage

Using Gas to Reach Climate Goals

Gas contributes significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gases. Gas is an ecologically advantageous energy used to create flexibility in electricity markets. In the long run gas can also be produced entirely by renewable sources. Thus it is an important part of solving the climate crisis.

What is Green Gas?

Renewable or green gas is an energy carrier produced from renewable energy sources. On the one hand, there is biogas derived in a fermentation process from biomass. On the other hand, there is hydrogen or synthetical methane which is manufactured via the Power-to-Gas technology.