Germany: Among the World's Largest Gas Storage Countries

Germany’s capacity for underground gas storage is the fourth largest in the world. It is only outweighed by the storage capacities in the United States, Russia and Ukraine. Next to gas transportation networks gas storage is a crucial part of the gas infrastructure. As gas is imported to Germany by more than 90 per cent, gas storage guarantees a secure supply and stable prices.

Gas Storage Capacities

The existing infrastructure of underground and above-ground storage facilities in Germany can store large quantities of gas. Around the clock, about a quarter of the German annual demand for gas is distributed across the country for industry, commerce and private consumers. Storage makes a valuable contribution to the success of Germany as a business location and to safeguarding jobs.

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Gas Storage Locations

In Germany gas storage facilities are based in around 40 locations. The storage facilities make use of natural conditions, thus their location results for example from the existence of natural caverns or aquifers. Economical reasons, however, can also play a role. This holds true for example if a gas storage facility is needed to level gas imports at a border-crossing point. In Germany gas storage facilities are often located close to centers of consumption like cities or with important nodes of the gas pipeline grid nearby.

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Gas Storage Types

Favorable geological conditions in Germany make it possible to store gas on a large scale and with the least possible intervention in nature and landscape – at the same time economically and environmentally compatible. Storage in subterranean naturally created or artificially created cavities is a long established technology. Different types of gas storage can be distinguished here.

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